Why I am a Life Coach

Even as a little girl, people have always come to me with their problems. As I grew older and the problems became larger, I learned that I was pretty good at helping others find their solutions. Soon, I became an advisor in our church, which allowed me to work with everyone from the young to the old. After taking courses offered through the church, I found that I wanted to attend a Bible college to further my knowledge in marriage and relationships. I graduated as a Certified Professional Life Coach and also became a Therapeutic Specialized Foster Parent, working with youth who had legal issues. I am proud to say, I had a 90% turnaround rate with these children. I am the founder of Mema’s Mission, a ministry for children in foster care. I am also the creator of The Power of Youth Workshops, which focuses on entrepreneurship. I have my own blog talk radio show and am the author of the forthcoming book, “My Memories in No Particular Order.” In 2002, I became an ordained minister, this has allowed me to reach out and help more people in need.


As a professional life coach, I love what I do. I am very interested in digging deeper to help females deal with relationship issues. These issues are not just with significant others, but also with their children, co-workers, friends, and parents. We have many “relationships” in our life, but I find that most women have a main problem with their relationship with themselves. This has become my passion in life, empowering women so that they feel glorious about themselves, are proud of who they are, and are excited about where they can go. I have had my own struggles and I do not judge anyone on what struggles they may be facing. As a child in my community, I have seen everything from prostitution to physical and emotional abuse. This has given me a unique personal view to have the strength and conviction to create a life of power and joy. I believe that every woman has a dream inside of her that can be turned into a reality and it is a joy to work with each and every woman I come in contact with.


Clients who have worked with me say that they experience a renewed sense of self-esteem. They feel inspired and motivated to overcome their adversities and are finally able to recapture a better life.


Thank You!

You were there when no one else was for me. When you said you loved me I didn’t believe you. I thought you were just like the other people who walk into and right out of your life. Words have always been just words to me.

You showed me there are people out there who really do care. Who are there to help you either in person, by phone or Internet. I have always been able to ask you a question and get an honest answer. You are straight forward, honest and caring about others.

Thank you
– Robert

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