It’s All About Confidence!

It’s All About Confidence!

Today we are very busy people. More and More challenges wiggle their way into our lives unnoticed. We can’t keep up, but yet we keep trying to please everyone. How can we please everyone at once?  The answer is we  CAN’T! It’s been my experience that when you try to accomplish this task you make everyone mad because sooner or later you won’t be able to keep up or give attention to detail.

We have to sit back and really evaluate what is most important to us, what we are good at, what we really enjoy doing and then put your priorities in order.  Once you finally come to grips on what means the most to you I promise if you stop giving yourself away you will be happier, have more time and do what feels right.

In my life it’s God, Family, Career, Church and then Friends.  Everyone means so much to me, but you are given certain things for a reason and then you will leave this earth with your most prize possessions which is your family.  Did you spend enough time with them, did you listen, did you love them the way they needed, did you just be there even when you weren’t needed?  There is one thing I always tell my kids, and that is this…. I would rather spend my money building memories than giving gifts that will be tossed away sooner or later and forgotten about.  Vacations, outings, etc. Pictures, videos, creating things together is what they will remember when I am going not what toy I bought them or what X-box game they got for their 18th birthday.  They will remember the time we went to Charleston, SC on vacation and got stranded in the Starbucks on King Street through the pouring down rain that flooded the building. We were sitting on the steps heading to the second floor then were asked to leave because they had to close the building down.  We had to run out in the thunder and lightening. That’s the day mom found a shoe store that sold Merranda Lambert shoes. Of course I had to buy them.

They remember the time we went camping in Nags Head and they met a couple of pretty girls whom gave them their numbers.  Or even the time we went to Northern Virginia and walked a river fishing for the first time.  These are things you can’t take away from your family.  Look at it like this, if you allow others to steal your time away from what you should be doing then you rob yourself of life and adventure.  You rob yourself of true happiness.  Take the time to score your life, prioritize you desire and create a plan for your meaning and happiness.  Those that really care will understand and those that don’t well you will find out how much you mean to them anyway.

Until next time…… Keep building that wonderful life.


Love your family. Family isn't always blood.

Family isn’t alway blood.

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