The coaching program I offer works off of not just years of studying, but also my own personal life experiences. I believe that each person is an individual and works, thinks and relates in their own way. I do not think we can bottle up a formula that will work for everyone. I am very client based, and feel as if each client has a road map designed specifically for them. It is my job to help guide them on their journey.


In this beginning phase, my goal is to learn and understand what you want to accomplish through coaching.
I gather this data in a variety of ways:

  1. Through a series of personal interviews with you
  2. Using assessments and or instruments when appropriate
  3. Interviewing relevant people in your life that can either help or hinder your desired outcome (only if desired by the client).


Once I have gathered the above data, I create a personal program for the client. This program, or “road map”, provides the framework for our time together. It includes an overall objective and specific ways to which we will work towards the client’s goal. Each coaching program is designed to help the client achieve excellent results, based on his or her desired outcome. My goal is to help the client reach their goal!


Once a “road map” is in place, we will dive into our work together.

Meetings will initially be weekly or bi-weekly, but can change depending on an individual’s needs.

I will commit to working with the client until the goals of the program have been met.

Re-working one’s road map may be required as things progress in the program.


When a client has met his or her final goal we have completed the coaching program.

My workshop and organizational work is tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

To talk to me personally about any of the above information, call the office at 757-354-5958.

Please note:
Every person learns in their own unique way so our programs are designed and tailored to each client’s individual learning skills.

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