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“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain

Bonnie Bradshaw loves her life as a Inspirational Speaker, Published Author, Radio Host and Coach. Bonnie is passionate about empowering Women and girls so they feel capable to have all that life has to offer and also proud of who they are, excited about where they can go and are inspired to live their dreams.


Signature Speeches:

The Main Thing:  Your attendees will discover the joy of being who they are and loving life. They will be able to pinpoint any issues they wish to restructure or change in their lives. Discover DREAMS they want to bring to life. The Main Thing is truly being happy in your life and having the willingness to discard what is holding you from that joy.  Being happy at work, bringing to life side projects, forming a nonprofit or getting involved in a cause, this is what lights our fire as woman. Us doing our thing and making changes in the world for the better. Women building and leaving our legacy for others.  60 minutes can be taught in a workshop.


Authenticity, Our Truest Identity: Embracing our truest identity as an image bearer of God makes a difference in the work we do everyday.  Our walk in life, every step people are watching. What will we teach them when we step out of the house?   45-60 minutes


Girls Night Out: This program is designed for elementary girls, middle school girls, high school girls, college girls and of course us women. We are responsible as parents to teach our little girls how to be respectable women and the earliest we begin this process the better. The world will collide with our hearts sooner or later so building our girls early on will give them the strength they will need to separate themselves from the world’s idea of true self.   4 hour program can be built with a celebration at the end to show parents what their goals are for the future and awarded a Girl Power Diploma. Girls will leave with a project they can post on their walls to remind them daily of their future goals.


Bonnie understands how having a dream can give a woman the courage necessary to make significant changes in her life, even when circumstances are extremely tough. As a child, Bonnie saw everything from prostitution to physical and emotional abuse in her community, and she became determined to have a better life for herself. Her unique personal experience enabled her to not only have the strength and conviction to create a life of success and joy, she realized that her mission was to encourage other women to do the same and show them who they really were created to be and how God sees them.


Rockin Out Heaven:  Opens minds to the goals of every person, the ability within to be the best they can be and uncover the mask that binds them. This keynote speech provides the energy, enthusiasm and empowerment each attendee needs to fill-up on the HOLY GHOST and leave with a determined spirit to follow God’s lead in their lives with the knowledge how they were created for more and the ability to strive for that goal. This speech may also be given as a workshop and broken down into break-out sessions.  Women’s Conferences, Women’s Retreats, Mother Daughter dinners, Small Christian Business and more. Bonnie may also tailor this speech for the general public small business, schools from elementary to college age.  Time:  30-60 minutes normal length, but may be tailored longer.


As a Certified Professional Life Coach, Bonnie ‘s clients range from the states, Brazil, Germany, Sweden and Argentina.

Bonnie knows that our little girls need to start young believing in themselves and designing their life the way they want it to be. Understanding the obstacles that will certainly show up in the years to come and knowing how to avoid them.  Bonnie’s program “Girls Night Out” does just that. Bonnie teaches this through fun and action. The girls create a life chart take home a GPS guide and leave knowing the end goal.  Contact Bonnie for more information about this program for your girls event.  Great for Girl Scouts, Youth Groups, Girls and Boys Clubs, and more.

Keynote Speaker, Author, Renowned Problem Solver

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